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Jan 10, 2012 2 Comments by laura

Hurray! Free Fashion Challenge II is a huge success: over 500 participants already and we are still counting. To celebrate this milestone we interviewed participant no.500: Lorraine de Roodt! Read more about this daring teenager below.

lorraine de roodt uitsnede“My name is Lorraine, 13 years old. I am a big fan of fashion and I like designing clothes. While watching RTL Boulevard I saw an item about Free Fashion. I decided to join, because I love shopping and I am really curious what it feels like to stop shopping for a whole year!

Most challenging? Sale will be a difficult period for me… And I love to shop for special occasions. I like the feeling of wearing something new. I will just try not to look at the windows when the new collections are in, hope that helps ;-)

I am an impulse buyer: I often regret what I bought. I will just wear it once or twice and then it stays in my wardrobe. I hope this shopping sabbatical will learn me more about what I really need. So I will take some time to think before making my purchases: Do I really need this? And isn’t there something similar in my wardrobe? And hopefully I will develop my mix & match skills, so I can make more different combinations with what I own.”

Thumbs up for this young participant! Lorraine and all other participants: we are really proud that you joined us, together we will make it through the year. Good luck to you all.

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